We are failing our students. We are failing our future.
Many schools today are teaching children the same way students were taught during the industrial revolution. A one size fits all curriculum is no longer effective in today's global economy. A radical change is necessary...NOW. Administrators, Teachers and Parents must collaborate to make sure today's students are prepared to work in a global market in jobs that may not exist right now.  It is a duanting challenge, but one we must  face immediately. Teachers must be given adequate training and support in technology to meet the needs of all students, as well as, in assistive technology for special needs students. Teachers need to embrace technology and hand the reigns over to the students to drive their own learning through project based learning.  If students are disengaged, engage them with technology and hands-on learning experiences. Please watch the videos below to learn more:

21st Century Literacies, Learners & Teachers by Gail Mishler (click to view)
 In this paper, we will explore the definition of these new and digital literacies by reviewing and synthesizing several resources on the topic.  We will discuss how these literacies affect teaching in the classroom as well as the knowledge, skills and dispositions teachers need to effectively teach new and digital literacies.  Finally, we will review research and discuss the implications for teacher preparation programs in regard to the new literacies.

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